1. Declaration of exclusion of liability/warnings


The use of this Website, corresponding to the address “canhamorhemp.com”, is governed by these terms and conditions, which are binding between the User and Cânhamor, Lda. (“Cânhamor, Lda.”).


  1. Acceptance of the Terms


Your use of the Site constitutes your full legal acceptance of each of these Terms as if you have subscribed to this Agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use this Site.


  1. Object of this Site and Legal Notices


Cânhamor, Lda. provides this Website to visitors (“User”), exclusively for the purpose of consulting its contents and purchasing the services contained therein.


  1. Platform Content/ Intellectual Property


Content means all the information available to the User on the Website corresponding to the address “canhamorhemp.com”, as well as that contained in the other websites operated by Cânhamor, Lda..


Content includes text, images, photo galleries, videos, web design, software and the like.


All Contents are protected by Copyright under Portuguese law, the European Union and the International Treaties, and may not be used outside the conditions of free use permitted by law, without the express written consent of Cânhamor, Lda.


  1. Limited Authorisation to use Protected Information


Cânhamor, Lda. authorise the User to view and reproduce the contents placed on the Site (“Content”), provided that the User agrees to comply with the following conditions: the User may view and reproduce the Content exclusively for personal purposes, non-commercial; the User must observe and reproduce any warning or reservation of image rights, personality rights, copyright or any other warning or reservation of intellectual property rights contained in any Content that You view or reproduce; except as provided in the limited authorisation referred to above, no license or right is granted to You with respect to the Content on this Site; You may not modify, transmit, reproduce, distribute, publish, transfer, sell or otherwise use any Content obtained on or through the Site.

The Site contains references to trademarks, copyright, patents, trade secrets, logos or other proprietary rights of Cânhamor, Lda. The Contents object of intellectual property in the Site belong exclusively to Cânhamor, Lda. when created by you or the User who published the respective Content. Cânhamor, Lda. is also the owner of the intellectual property right on the Site Contents, as a collective and/or composite work, that is, on the selection and coordination of the Site Contents. Unless otherwise provided herein, You are not granted any license to use or any right in any Content contained on this Site. Failure to do so in relation to the Content and the use of the intellectual property objects displayed or otherwise made available on the Site constitutes a serious breach of these Terms and implies the immediate loss of the above limited authorisation bestowed.


The images, videos or illustrative drawings of identifiable persons displayed on the Site are the property of Cânhamor, Lda. or the User who posted them or are used with the permission of the persons involved. The use of these images by the User or another person authorised by the User is prohibited unless specifically authorized by these Terms or by specific permission given elsewhere on the Site. Any unauthorised use of the images may violate intellectual property, trademark, personality and advertising laws and possibly other laws and regulations.


The Site also contains references to third party intellectual property objects. Nothing in these Terms constitutes a license or authorisation to any part of that information.


  1. Registration


Some Content and benefits provided by the use of the Site, the website and the applications of Cânhamor, Lda. are paid. To access them, the User must register on the Website. You agree to take responsibility for your login details, such as email address and password.

By registering, you agree that:

Your registration is personal and non-transferable and may not be used by any other person in accessing the Site Content;

You will not do anything to harm Cânhamor, Lda., namely access to an unauthorized area/account and its Content;

You will immediately contact Cânhamor, Lda., if you notice any unauthorized use of your login data;

It will not assess or test the system vulnerability and break the installed security;

You will not send unsolicited emails or correspondence that include promotions or advertising for products or other services.

Pursuant to Article 17 of Decree-Law No 24/2014 of 14 February (Exceptions to the right of free resolution), the User cannot freely terminate the contracts for the provision of services, where the services have been fully provided after the prior express consent of the consumer, conferred through the agreement to these Terms and Conditions, more recognizing that you lose the right of free withdrawal if the contract has been fully executed by the professional in that case – recognition also conferred through agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Interruption or suspension of access


Cânhamor, Lda. reserves the right to interrupt access to the Site for the period determined as necessary, either for violation of these Terms and Conditions or for any technical reasons, force majeure or other that may arise and are not directly contemplated here.


Without prejudice, Cânhamor, Lda. shall not be liable for any suspension or interruption of access that may occur as a result of facts that are not attributable to it or that are attributable by mere negligence.


  1. Accuracy, Limitation of Liability and Exclusion of Warranties


The Site may contain Content shared by its users. Cânhamor, Lda.’s Users are responsible for ensuring that the Content they share on the Site complies with applicable laws, codes and regulations. Any liability of Cânhamor, Lda. is excluded for any error or inaccuracy that the content shared by the User may contain. The User’s relationship with third parties through the services of our platform and any terms, conditions and guarantees regarding these third parties are the sole responsibility of the User and its third parties. Cânhamor, Lda. is not responsible for the aforementioned relationships.

Each User of the platform is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary consents of identifiable persons in the Content they share on the Site and that all Content on the Site is lawful. The use and reading of the Contents of this Site is solely at the User’s risk and the Site is provided as is. Cânhamor, Ltd. makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the use of this Site and the materials contained therein. Cânhamor, Lda. excludes any express or implied warranty of accuracy or quality and any express or implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights and assumes no liability for any errors and/or omissions of the Content present on this Site.


Cânhamor, Lda. expressly excludes any liability for any damages or viruses that may infect your computer or mobile device, or other property, when you access or browse the Site or transfer material from the Site to your computer or mobile device.


Cânhamor, Lda. does not accept, under any circumstances, liability for any indirect, eventual or extraordinary damages, either contractually or in the non-contractual plan, that may result from its performance or omission under this Agreement, even if Cânhamor, Lda. has been alerted to the possibility of occurrence of these losses.


  1. Links to Third Party Sites


This Site contains links to other websites or information fields on other websites that are not under the control of Cânhamor, Lda.. Cânhamor, Lda. provides these links and/or fields to the User only as a facility granted.

Cânhamor, Lda. does not make any warranties, warranties or representations with respect to these sites, including the products, software, materials, services, content, the accuracy or suitability of the contents of the websites to which they link. Your decision to access such websites is at your sole risk. The User must take into account in particular the policies followed by other sites linked to the Site of Hemp, Lda. may differ materially from our Terms, especially as regards the use and collection of personal information.

 You are hereby not given any permission to establish any link from any other website to any part of this Site or to place within an information field any content on this Site, without the prior written consent of Hemp, Lda.


  1. Miscellaneous provisions


Cânhamor, Lda. reserves the right to make changes and additions to the Terms at any time and without prior notice by placing the new terms and conditions on the Site. You should periodically review updates to the Terms. Use of the Site after posting any changes or additions constitutes acceptance of the new terms as indicated above.


  1. Advertising and Sponsorship


The Site may contain advertising and sponsors. Cânhamor, Lda.’s advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that the material they share on the Site complies with applicable laws, codes and regulations. Any liability for any error or inaccuracy that the advertising or sponsorship material may contain is excluded. The User’s relationship with third parties through the services of our platform and any terms, conditions and guarantees regarding these third parties, namely sponsors or advertisers, are the sole responsibility of the User and its third parties. Cânhamor, Lda. is not responsible for the aforementioned relationships.


  1. Protection of data


Please see our privacy policy


  1. Contact


For clarification of any question related to these terms and conditions of use or regarding the processing of personal data that we carry out based on our cookies, please contact us through the following channels:


Address: Cerca do Carepetal, Estrada Nacional 1, S/N, Colos

7630-284 Colos


Or by e-mail: info@canhamorhemp.com


  1. Complaints


Pursuant to paragraphs al. a) and b) of paragraph 1 of article 2 of Decree-Law n.º 156/2005, of September 15, with the changes introduced by DL n.º 74/2017, of June 21, on the contrary, Cânhamor, Lda. is not obliged to own and provide complaints book.


Thus, any complaint should be formalised through the following address:  https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio